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Book light (also known as reading light) is handy for shining a soft light on your pages in the dark, especially if you like to read in bed but don’t want to disturb your sleeping partner by keeping a room lamp on for hours. A book light is a necessity for those who care about their eyesight. Dim not bright enough light is one of the greatest enemies of our eyesight. To prolong its excellent state it is important to lit the pages of your book well.

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Why you need Book Light

  • Enjoy Your Bed Reading Time: Our book light eliminates 99% of harmful blue light so that they give off a gentle, calming light that’s ideal for night reading and falling asleep quicker. Although the lowest setting is usually bright enough, our book light has 3 brightness modes, this upgraded reading light will stimulate your body to produce more melatonin naturally. Thus you will get a sweet sleep after reading.
  • Long Hours Free From Charging: No more wasting money on batteries! Our reading lights for books in bed come with a built-in rechargeable battery, letting you enjoy up to 80 hours of reading time (at the low brightness setting). It means you are far away from charging for at least 2 weeks if you read 30 minutes every day. With the provided USB cord, 1.5 hours only for a full charge.No more worries about the battery life.
  • Super Lightweight & Clip-on Design: The reading light is 2.01 oz ONLY. The lightweight and compact book light for reading in bed only needs a little space to easily carry around. The clamp opens about 1.8 inches and clips on book or kindle perfectly and tightly. The clip can be opened wide enough to be fixed in various objects. Anti-slippery pads protect your beloved books from being scratched or pinched. It can also stand on your table or desk. Very convenient.
  • Not Disturb the others: The Warm light for general reading brings sweet & romantic feelings. The mode comes with 3 brightness levels. The dimable book light is bright enough for reading, knitting, sewing & craft, or dim enough to not disturb the others.

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Good price. High quality item. Well made, Nice feel. Function and logical controls. Provides very nice light for reading. Easily adjustable for light angle


Excellent Product!!! Very bright!! 3 different colors of lights, light up very very well to read, I am delighted. Thanks


Excellent product of good quality and ingenious design. The light has three intensities and there are several brightness ranges (warmer to brighter). Great


I am very pleased with the lamp, 3 types of light, it is convenient to read in the dark



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